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MyMelanoma is fixed on achieving the reality of the mantra: Research - Treat - Cure.

Based at the world-class Universities of Leeds and Oxford, and already with international reach, MyMelanoma's clear objective is to bring about change as quickly as possible.

Medical studies can take years, if not decades, to carry out and collate the research. Moroever it is difficult for any one research group even one working with other groups to build studies of sufficient size to produce clear unequivocal results.

That’s where we’re different.

Our pioneering study will be the largest ever conducted with 20,000 participants on board. We’ve created a truly collaborative patient process to accelerate our research gathering, more so than the traditional route.

Led by experts at the very top of their game, we are a team of leading scientific and medical professionals through to senior business development leaders and melanoma sufferers themselves. After coming together through a pressing need to act, we’re now moving into the “action” phase.

But we need your help. Your sponsorship and fundraising means we can fund our operational costs, fight this disease and achieve our goals as quickly as possible.


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We need your support to make this happen. Large or small, it all counts.

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We need your support to make his happen. From sponsoring the project, donating or raising money through an event find out how you can support the project and make a difference

Sponsorship and Fundraising

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