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MyMelanoma will work with other groups internationally in order to make the best use of the data

We are working with:-

  • The International Melanoma Genetics Consortium GenoMEL. This long standing consortium was initiated in 1997 and remains a vibrant research group working to understand the role of inheritance of melanoma, and the genetic variation within tumours which determines outcome and response to treatment. This group has played the principal role internationally in identifying and characterisation of the inherited mutations which increase susceptibility to melanoma. Specifically, MyMelanomaTM will collaborate with GenoMEL in order to establish the risk of any cancer in carriers of genes which are associated with a high risk of melanoma. MyMelanomaTM will recruit in the UK and we will pool anonymous data with that collected by additional GenoMEL groups internationally. International collaboration is needed as the genetic mutations are rare.
  • The project known as War on MelanomaTM which is led by Dr Sancy Leachman and her colleague Dr Liz Berry. The project is intended to drastically reduce the incidence of melanoma by education. MyMelanomaTM will collaborate using shared questionnaires.


The joint leads of MyMelanoma are  

Professor Julia Newton-Bishop University of Leeds, UK.

Professor Mark Middleton, University of Oxford, UK

Members of the MyMelanoma Team

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