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And finally…

Every one in two people will experience cancer in their lifetime and melanoma cases in particular are exponentially increasing. The medical community is home to many worthy charities but usually available funding is more difficult to come by, unless you’re one of the “big” cancers.

We want to work together with you, utilising your brand and platform to reach those who need to hear our message. It’s time to stand up to this disease. And quickly.

There are established forms of treatment for melanomas, namely immunotherapy, that has seen some real successes and is being used in entrepreneurial research for other cancers. But to get to the levels of investigation and research that other types have received - for example, breast and prostate cancer - it’s crucial that we can to move into the next phase.

This is a growing public health concern that needs to be acted upon. And with your help, we intend to do just that.

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