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MyMelanoma is a study designed to research the most important current questions about melanoma and its treatment. These questions relate to treatments, the nature of the particular cancers (all cancers are a little bit different), other health matters and to lifestyles. MyMelanoma is therefore tackling complicated questions because every melanoma is different, every patient is different and each patient has a slightly different lifestyle. Researchers have to collect detailed information about each: the variation between the cancers, the health of the people who have or have had that cancer, and their lifestyles, and then look at how these factors all interact. When scientists ask questions relating to such variation, then studies have to be very large to produce meaningful results that we can rely upon. 

Simply put: the more data and the more participants we have to analyse, the more accurate and in-depth the results will be, leading to a greater power to produce results which we are sure of and which will therefore make a difference.

The project will start in early 2021 by collecting information from people who have inherited genetic mutations leading to an increased risk of melanoma. This will be an international study and will be led by the MyMelanoma team working with the GenoMEL consortium

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