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What’s In It For My Company?

Your association and participation with MyMelanoma clearly demonstrates a positive attitude towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Any funding contributions you make will receive deserved recognition and raise the profile of your business. We’re presenting an opportunity to be involved with a groundbreaking project from early on in the process. We need your support and we’d love you to be part of it.

But this isn’t just about financial donations. Cancer affects so many people nowadays that there’s a real public eagerness to be involved in any way possible by people who have been affected. Charity events, fundraisers, bake sales, fun runs - there’s endless scope for staff and associates to get involved. Initiatives like these have proven time and again to increase employee engagement, creating a positive “team” mindset.

Our patient cohort are investing in themselves and their families by being part of MyMelanoma. We would ask you, as potential funders and sponsors, to consider doing the same and investing your generosity, time and trust in the MyMelanoma project.
After all, your involvement as a sponsor in itself underpins the importance of what we’re doing at MyMelanoma.

Contact us about fundraising

To sign up to be part of MyMelanoma visit but if you have any further questions related to fund raising for us then please fill out the form. One of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.