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Why join MyMelanoma?

MyMelanoma is a unique project not just because of its size of study but because we want to cultivate a team approach to this project. This isn’t about “doctor and patient”, this is about all of us versus a common enemy, working together to improve treatment, survival and quality of life.

We know how difficult a diagnosis can be to accept and how it can change your life. This position gives us insight but MyMelanoma aims to find out in much greater detail what impact melanoma and its treatment has on the health and quality of life has on melanoma sufferers and their families.

The truth is that being part of MyMelanoma isn’t going to change your life overnight as a melanoma sufferer. But it’s about being part of the frontline battle against a form of cancer that’s becoming more and more prevalent around the world. The more we study this illness on a larger scale the more we’ll be able to predict who’s at higher risk and how to preempt that risk as best as we can.  

If you wish to consider taking part in the study then the details are provided in the section called MyMelanoma Study: press the Go icon there.

Contact us about fundraising

To sign up to be part of MyMelanoma visit but if you have any further questions related to fund raising for us then please fill out the form. One of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.