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Triage of participants

Any melanoma patient treated in the NHS is eilgible to participate. The data and (ultimately) the samples collected however will vary according to whether the melanoma treatment is current or in the past. Participants will therefore be "triaged" by the on line system so that data collected will be appropriate to the applicability of their data to the scientific questions asked.

Click the link to download the figure representing the triage system.



1. Newly diagnosed melanoma patients: Route of Entry 1

1.1.  Participants must have received the first diagnosis of melanoma within the last 6 months

1.2.  Participants may have been diagnosed with any AJCC stage of melanoma except in situ disease.

1.3.  Minimal age of participation 12 years. MyMelanoma respects the right of minors to participate in studies other than CTIMPs if they understand the implications. Melanoma is extremely rare before puberty and therefore the age of 12 years was chosen. MyMelanoma will comply with recommended good practice and involve parents or guardians in the consenting process, and will work with those experienced in treating children in developing and managing this process.

2. Melanoma Patients starting systemic therapies for treatment of melanoma: Route of Entry 2

2.1.  Participants may be starting treatment with any combination of drug therapies at any disease stage (not restricted to first line)

2.2.  Therapies may be being used in either an adjuvant, neoadjuvant or therapeutic setting

2.3.  Participants who have a series of different treatments over time will be asked to consider providing information and samples before and during each.

3. Melanoma patients not eligible for routes of entry 1 or 2 with a family history of melanoma or many other cancers

4. Melanoma patients who are currently receiving immunotherapy or have had immunotherapy in the past

5. Any melanoma patient not eligible for any other route of entry

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