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Full list of specific Aims

  1. To identify the unmet needs of melanoma patients and survivors with respect to any aspect of their health, physical or mental.
  2. To contribute to establishing the risk of different cancers in melanoma patients carrying rare high-risk susceptibility genes for use in clinical genetics counselling.
  3. To identify prognostic biomarkers for primary melanoma which would allow identification of people (at diagnosis) with a significant risk of melanoma recurrence, even with thin tumors/stage I disease. Accomplishing this aim would allow the identification of those who might benefit from early adjuvant therapies.
  4. To identify biological processes associated with disease recurrence and the role of lifestyle.
  5. To identify biological processes associated with resistance to therapies, especially immunotherapies, and the role of lifestyle.
  6. To identify melanoma and host phenotypes as predictive biomarkers for a range of immunotherapies.
  7. To identify the short-term side effects of therapies, risk factors for those side effects and the severity of impact on quality of life.
  8. To understand long term toxicities and impact on quality of life in survivors.
  9. To devise an on-line tool which patients might use to access information/ signposting the need and the route to further clinical assistance



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