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Information for people considering taking part

MyMelanoma is designed to find the answers to the most important questions that melanoma patients and their medical teams need answering in 2021. Here we will list those aims, but MyMelanoma will evolve over time and as melanoma patients and their teams identify additional priorities then MyMelanoma will attempt to deliver an answer.

Detailed information to be considered by people considering taking part in the study is available here : click here


An earlier draft of this written information was reviewed by 23 melanoma survivors who are attendees at the UK Melanoma Patient Conference. Each gave anonymous comments about the information sheet and the summary of their responses is available here by clicking on the link below.


As a result of their comments, the information provided was clarified to produce the version provided now which will shortly be reviewed by the UK national research ethics system. The revised version was sent to the 23 reviewers and 9 of them replied, all of their comments being favourable. Here is another link to the summary of their comments on the second review.


Comments on the information provided and the study design are welcome to this e-mail address.

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The consent form which potential participants will be asked to sign is also available as a PDF by the link here.



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