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I want more information about melanoma

 "I need more information"

The best first line source of information for melanoma patients is the medical team providing their care.

There is however very useful additional information on the Cancer Research UK web page, from MacMillan or from NICE.


In the UK, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) produces guidelines for the management of melanoma patients. This is a summary of the last guidance produced. Since its publication there have been many changes to care and so another committee is working on a revision which we will post when it is published.




The treatment for melanoma is however currently evolving very quickly so that accessible  additional information about the results of clinical trials and treatment options can be very useful. MyMelanoma will produce accessible summaries of the most important published scientific papers.

There are also questions that patients want to ask for which there is little consensus eg concerning diet, and MyMelanoma will publish summaries of the literature (results of scientific studies),  accompanied by the "Personal Viewpoints" of experts in the field. MyMelanoma will also respond to participants' specific requests for information if it is possible to do so and if the question is one that a patient panel feels will be of general interest.

Do you have a topic which you think is important and you would like the MyMelanoma team to look into it? If so please send us an e-mail at and we can discuss. 

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